Mingo Rajandi

Mingo Rajandi’s ensemble features some of Estonia’s finest musicians, each with their unique style. Together, they bring Mingo Rajandi’s compositions to life just as the composer envisioned.

While these musicians have all performed together before, the formation of this ensemble is closely tied to the theatre production “Elajannad,” which premiered last February and is currently part of Von Krahli Theatre’s repertoire. Simultaneously with the premiers, the ensemble released their debut album.

This album is inspired by Mingo Rajandi’s soul-searching, exploring what it means to be a woman in today’s day and age and how that role has changed over the centuries. The music delves into the paradoxes of life, featuring dark, warm, and deep tones. Cinematic soundscapes are crafted by seamlessly blending together acoustic and electronic elements. The music creates a rich tapestry of shifting tones, with abrupt and unexpected transitions alongside carefully built crescendos. It encompasses beautiful melodies, ecstatic improvisations, minimalist ambience, freeform improvisation, unsettling dissonances, and pure simple beauty.

Each member of the ensemble is capable of shining as a brilliant soloist or working harmoniously as an exceptional ensemble partner, seamlessly alternating between taking the spotlight and functioning as a unified instrument within the ensemble.

Line up:

Mingo Rajandi – double bass

Erki Pärnoja – guitars, electronics

Tobias Tammearu – saxophone, electronics

Andres Kaljuste – viola

Ahto Abner – drums, electronics