“Elajannad” (Beastesses) is a passion for two Women and a five-piece ensemble. 

“Elajannad” is one Woman’s CV, Curriculum Vitae – the trajectory of a life that begins with birth and ends with death, or maybe the other way round.

This woman’s trail could be a leafy woodland lane, a kitchen full of broken glass, a bedroom dripping with tenderness, a well-intentioned road to hell, a perpetual handicraft lesson, a funeral march, or perhaps a 4-lane stadium circuit where she races herself.

Performed by Mirtel Pohla and Eva Koldits, the production interweaves several possible life stories of one woman. For as long as the foremothers reach across the border between life and death, for as long as the narrative lasts, so too does life.

Like a chorus in a Greek tragedy, the woman is accompanied on her journey through hell and paradise on earth by a low-sounding ensemble of top Estonian musicians.

Concept by Eva Koldits ja Mingo Rajandi

Directed by Eva Koldits

Designer: Kairi Mändla

Composer, Ensemble Leader and Musical Director: Mingo Rajandi

Dramaturg: Berit Kaschan

Cast: Eva Koldits, Mirtel Pohla

Lighting Designer: Meelis Lusmägi 

Sound Designer: Karl-Elias Teder

Technical Production Manager: Marti Tärn

Ensemble: Mingo Rajandi (double bass), Erki Pärnoja (guitars, electronics), Tobias Tammearu (saxophone, electronics), Andres Kaljuste (viola), Ahto Abner (percussion, electronics)